25 Crotchet Styles You Should Try For Your Next Protective Style

Crotchets are one of the most popular protective styles out there. They work well to protect your hair and do not require a long periods of time to install them. You can also choose to style them in multiple ways without damaging your natural hair. Yes, they are that great!

Looking for some styling inspiration? Then keep reading to see 25 Crotchet style ideas you can steal for your next hairstyle.

1. Red Crotchet Twists

Red, chunky, and chic. This is a great choice if you're looking to style out of the box crotchet hairstyle.

Red Crotchet Twists

2. Spiral Cuts and Bantu Knots on the side

This is another out-of-the-regular hairstyle you'd definitely love to rock!

Spiral Cuts and Bantu Knots on the side

3. Full and Curvy

Who says your crotchet has to be scanty? You can go full and curvy or go home. Pick your fighter.

Full and Curvy

4. Headband Crochet

You can never go wrong with a headband look. This headband crotchet adds a splash of classiness to your look plus curls that announces your look. You'd love it!

Headband Crochet

5. Bejewerly Crotchet

If you like bold and shiny, this look would be your best look so far. All you need is to make what crochet you want and beautify it with accessories.

Bejewerly Crotchet

6. Crochet Curls

Just like we have straight bobs, we also have crochet bobs. These full bouncy curls would be the highlight of your day.

 Crochet Curls

7. Passion Twist Crochet

These passion twists are also another stunning way to rock crochets.

Passion Twist Crochet

8. Crochet Locs

Crochets also come in locs, beautiful locs. Another stunning idea for your next crochet style.

Crochet Locs

9. Half-Updo Crochet Hairstyle

Talk about versatility in your crotchet style. The half updo crochet hairstyle lets you try something different.

Half-Updo Crochet Hairstyle

10. Orange-Red Textured Hair

We wouldn't be wrong to call this look "Go bold or Go home". It looks so bold that it's impossible not to keep necks turning. To stand out even more, you could opt for side part for this look.

Orange-Red Textured Hair

11. Crochet Fulani Braids

Who says you can't rock braids with your crochet? Create a distinct look with this Fulani braids and crochet.

Crochet Fulani Braids

12. Honey Blonde Twists with Curly Ends

This blonde twist would transform your looks for summer.

Honey Blonde Twists with Curly Ends

13. Marley Twists

Of course, you can decide to go just simple and chic with this Marley Twists.

Marley Twists

14. Blue Ombre Robe Twist

If you're fair-skinned, you should try this blue crochet. If you are on the darker side, you should try it anyway too.

Blue Ombre Robe Twist

15. Make 'Em Green With Envy

If you're gonna rock hair extensions, you might as well have fun with them. You could go extra by leaving loose the curls of your crochet to create a distinct look. Don't forget to invest in a silk bonnet to avoid any friction during bedtimes and to extend the life span of your extension.

16. Faux Hawk Crochet

Who says you have to do full crochet all the time? You could try this faux hawk style to make your look more appealing!

Faux Hawk Crochet

17. Bantu Crochet

It's the front hairline for us! Spice up your crochet look with this mix of Bantu knots and crochet.

Bantu Crochet

18. Big Bold Crochet

Braids aren't the only style that works well for medium sized parts. With this style, you give off subtle bold looks effortlessly.

Big Bold Crochet

20. Bold Blue Crochet

No one deserves to wear a boring look. Create a perfect style with this bold blue crochet.

Bold Blue Crochet

21. Divine like a Wine

The beauty of crochet is how styles can be achieved in different ways. This look, for example, would keep your hair protected while making you look as gorgeous as ever.

22. Half-Cornrow Crochet

Go out of the regular with this mix of styles. Of course, you can decorate this look with beads.

Half-Cornrow Crochet

23. Butterfly Crochet Braids

What is not to love about these gorgeous butterfly crochets? You'd look stunning wearing this!

Butterfly Crochet Braids

24. Faux Locs Crochet

Faux locs are super-gorgeous! They are the cute locs style you desire without the commitment.

Faux Locs Crochet

25. Short Curly Crochet Hairstyle

Perhaps you like short and simple, you could try out this short curly crochet.

Short Curly Crochet Hairstyle