5 Simple Natural Hairstyles For Work

Not so long ago, black women's natural hair was considered unprofessional for work. But a lot has changed too, more black women are becoming more confident and can wear their natural hair out without any judgments!

However, some naturals are skeptical about rocking their natural hair to work because they think the styling process would take so much time. Well, you do not have to worry about that anymore.

In this article, I will be showing you 5 natural hairstyles for work that you can do in under 5 minutes! The best part is you can achieve these hairstyles at night, shortly before bedtime, and wear it out the next morning.

1. The Cinnabun


How to achieve the Cinnabun hairstyle

This tutorial by Strawberricurls will guide you on how to create the Cinnabun hairstyle.

What you need

  • Moisturizer and sealant
  • Hair gel
  • Headband
  • Bobby pins
  • Silk/satin scarf

Step 1: Moisture and seal your hair

  1. Apply your leave-in moisturizer to your hair and moisturize your strands, from roots to tips.
  2. Then seal in the moisture with a hair cream or butter like Shea butter.

Step 2: Smoothen your edges with gel

  1. Next, apply some styling gel to your edges to lay them down nice and sleek for this hairstyle.

Step 3: Gather your hair up in a puff

  1. Using an elastic headband, tie your hair up into a high puff.

Step 4: Roll each section of hair

  1. Next, pick a section of your hair (this doesn't have to be a perfect section) and roll starting from the ends down to the roots.
  2. After that, secure the roll with a bobby pin and repeat for every other section until you are done.

Step 5: Preserve this hairstyle overnight

  1. If you are wearing the hairstyle that day, simply tie your silk/satin scarf over your edges for some minutes to lay them down perfectly, and your look is complete.
  2. If you are wearing this style the next day, tie a scarf around your hair, then cover up with a bonnet and go to sleep.

2. The Faux Bun

Faux bun hairstyle

How to achieve the Faux Bun hairstyle

In this tutorial, My Natural Sistas will show you how to style the Faux Bun on natural hair.

What you need

    Step 1: Moisturize your hair

    Lady moisturizing hair
    1. First of all, stretch out your hair. When doing a bun, It's recommended that you straighten your hair first so your hair is easier to work with.
    2. Next, apply moisturizing cream to your hair and brush it (you can brush down to the middle or go all the way down, the choice is yours!).

    Step 2: Apply gel to your hair

    Lady applying gel to natural hair

    1. Now, rub a sizeable amount of styling gel in between your palms and apply it all over your hair to smoothen it out and lay down flyaways. 

    Step 3: Tie your hair into a low bun

    Lady tying her hair with elastic band

    1. Next, gather your hair and tie it into a low bun using your elastic hair band.

    Step 4: Lay your hair down

    Lady tying a head scarf

    1. To give your hair a sleek look, tie a silk or satin scarf over your hair and leave it for some minutes. 

    Step 5: Attach your ponytail extension

    Lady styling hair

    1. Next, attach your Kanekalon or natural extension to your bun and braid it down.
    2. After that, roll the ponytail extension clockwise until it forms a bun, then tuck in the ends with some bobby pins.
    3. Your look is styled and ready!

    3. The Top Knot Bun

    Top Knot bun hairstyle

      How to achieve the Top Knot Bun hairstyle

      Here's a helpful tutorial by Rayann410 on how to style the top knot bun on your natural hair.

      What you need

      • Leave-in conditioner or spray bottle of water
      • Hair gel
      • Hairband
      • Satin scarf

        Step 1: Moisturize your hair

        Lady spritzing hair
        1. You can start out by stretching out your hair before styling. Wearing braids or twists overnight can help to stretch out your hair without using heat.
        2. Next, spritz your hair with water or a leave-in conditioner to give it some moisture.

        Step 2: Apply gel to your hair

        Lady brushing hair back

        1. Apply the styling gel to your edges and smoothen it with your hairbrush.

        Step 3: Put your hair into a ponytail

        Lady pulling hair up
        1. Next, pull up your hair into a high ponytail and hold it in place with an elastic hair band.

        Step 4: Make a high roll

        Lady pulling hair into a ponytail

        1. After that, divide the ponytail into two and wrap up into a high roll.
        2. Then tie your satin scarf around your edges to sleek it down.

        4. Twisted Mohawk

        Twisted Mohawk style

        How to achieve the Twisted Mohawk hairstyle

        This short tutorial by Brittany Basden will guide on how to style the twisted mohawk look.

        What you need

        • Elastic hair bands
        • Bobby pins

        Step 1: Section your hair

        Lady braiding the side of her hair

        1. Part your hair into three sections; front, middle, and back.
        2. From both sides of the middle section, make a single braid but don't braid all the way to the ends. 

        Step 2: Tie and twist your hair

        Lady styling her hair Mohawk style

        1. Now, tie the loose ends with a hair band.
        2. Next, with your hair bands, tie the middle and back hair sections into separate ponytails and make little twists from them. These twists don't need to be neatly sectioned.

        Step 3: Wrap the twists

        Lady styling her hair Mohawk style

        1. After this, wrap the twists around until you get your desired look and tuck them in with bobby pins.

        Step 4: Wrap the front section of hair

        Lady styling her hair Mohawk style

        1. Repeat this step for the front hair section as well.
        2. Part your hair into three sections, twist them, and wrap them around.

        5. The Twisted Crown

        The twisted crown hairstyle

          How to achieve the Twisted Crown hairstyle

          This video tutorial by Natural85 will show you how to style the twisted crown look.

          What you need

          • Tail Comb
          • Styling cream
          • Hairbrush
          • Bobby pins
          • Satin scarf

          Step 1: Detangle and stretch your hair

          Lady with stretched hair
          1. First of all, start out with stretched detangled hair.

          Step 2: Section your hair

          Lady sectioning her hair

          1. With a tail comb, make a long angled side part from the top of your head to the bottom. Part all the way down so you have two equal halves.

          Step 3: Moisturize your hair

          Lady moisturizing hair

          1. Next, apply your styling cream or leave-in to your hair and then use a hairbrush to smoothen your edges.

          Step 4: Flat twist both sections

          Lady twisting hair

          1. Now, flat twist one section from the top of your hair all the way to the back and bobby pin the ends.
          2. Repeat for the other section of hair.
          3. Finally, tie your satin scarf to lay your hair down, and then take it off the next morning.