How to Re-Twist Your Locs

woman with locs

How do you know it is time for you to re-twist your locs? How often should you retwist locs as they grow? What should you do and what should you not do? In this article, I will be answering these questions and more. Furthermore, I will be showing you the right steps to re-twisting your locs, thus helping to promote overall healthy locs.

What to Know Before Retwisting Locs

First of all, you need to consult with your loctitian before you go on ahead to retwist your locs. The reason is that our hair reacts differently to hair treatment and also, because the different stages of locs have different timing for retwisting. So, while some ladies may need to retwist their locs frequently, others may need to retwist theirs less frequently. If you retwist your locs without your loctitian’s approval or knowing what timing is suitable for retwisting your locs, you stand the risk of causing damages such as hair thinning, hair loss, hair breakage, etc. to your hair.

How do I Know It Is Time to Retwist My Locs?

As your locs grow, so will the hair underneath – the undergrowth or new growth. Next, your locs begin to stretch out in different directions and some may even unravel, giving you a dishevelled look. Retwisting your locs will help them grow in the right direction, keep them from unravelling and help to keep the locs tight.

How Long Will It Take to Retwist My Locs?

This depends on the skills of the loctitian or yourself if you want to DIY. Ideally, it should take between two to six hours to retwist your locs. If you are DIY-ing for the first time, it may take you longer. However, as you continue to retwist your locs yourself, you will get faster at it.

Where Can I Retwist Locs Near Me?

You can check with your local hair salons to give you recommendations or you can DIY, which you will be learning how to later on in this article. However, I will first be giving you recommendations of retwisting products that can help your locs hold tight, shine, and grow healthy.

5 Loc Retwisting Products

Also known as relocing gels, these products are what you need to retwist your locs. To help you narrow your search, I have selected 5 of the best loc retwisting products out there. Furthermore, I have compiled honest reviews from people who have used them to help make your decision easier.

1. Lockology Locking Gel

Lockology Locking Gel

Product Claim: Made with 90% organic ingredients including aloe juice and lemongrass oil, our loc gel has a light consistency that holds your retwist without the typical stickiness associated with regular gels. It is vegan friendly, build up and flake-free.

Honest Reviews by Verified Users

"Love this for twisting locs, no build-up!!!! Smells great." — Nilajah on Amazon

"Loved the scent" — Betty House on Amazon

"Used this for my daughter’s starter loc and we love the feel and consistency of it. It smells great too!" — mslorhonda on etsy

"I love the smell of this product. Can't wait to see the results." — Adriana on etsy

"I really like this product, it gives my locs life & it's not really oily & I like that very much. Definitely give it a try & I promise you won't be disappointed." — Robbie Thomas on etsy

2. Carol's Daughter Loc Butter

Carol's Daughter Loc Butter

Product Claim: Intensely moisturizes twists, coils, braids and locs. The blend of natural Shea and Cocoa Butters and Soybean Oil deeply conditions hair while giving it a whole lot more shine. Made with the right balance of Beeswax to help prevent build-up.

Honest Reviews by Verified Users

"I purchased loc butter years ago and recently returned to my natural hair. The consistency has changed COMPLETELY. It is more like hair grease (like blue magic). It's a decent moisturizer but a horrible styler. It does not hold. My hair is curly (but no kink)." — AlwaysJale on Walmart

"Been using it for about 10 years for my twists. Adds sheen and hold. It's also the best mix of all natural ingredients for the price. Believe me, I've examined tried many. This is the best!" — PoetNMe on Walmart

"My dreds were dry, course and brittle. Lots of breakage. Just as I was about to give up I read about your Loc Butter. Amazing! Truly noticeable improvement with the first use. I washed my hair with the 7 In One shampoo, followed by the 7 In One conditioner. I used the Loc Butter on my wet hair to twist in the new growth, then sat under the dryer for 30 minutes. My dreds and scalp are moisturizer, my locs are soft, shiny, and bouncy. It's been more than a year since then and I'm still very pleased with these products. My sister use these same products on her twists." — Stellamac2 on Walmart

"I’ve been using this product for the 7yrs I been loc’d & it’s the only thing that works. No flakes, buildup & not greasy. Thanks for giving life to my locs" — NOLAlocstar on food4less

"Loc butter is great for mini twists. Only thing I use. It works really well with Mimosa hair honey. These twists will stay up for one month without retouching" — Kennita on food4less

3. Knotty Boy LockStead Tropical Tightening Gel

Knotty Boy LockStead Tropical Tightening Gel

Product Claim: Knotty Boy LockSteady Dreadlock Tropical Tightening Gel is a heavenly-scented, light, wash-out formula designed to tighten both new and mature dreadlocks, and bring loose hair and frizzies under control instantly.

Honest Reviews by Verified Users

"Just on the first try..I believe that I'm going to love this product... it is true what it said a little goes along way...just starting palm twisting my hair... I'll come back in a week to mention my progress." Betty BonneAnee on Amazon

"This is the most expensive gel that DOESNT work. It left a thick layer of residue on my boyfriend's hair and the palm rolls unraveled. His entire head has weird white dust on it. This retwist probably won’t last a week before it has to be washed out. It left his hair super dry. Not worth the money. I feel like I just threw thirty dollars in the trash. This leaves residue. Do not use this" — Magdalena on Amazon

"It works. It smells really nice and it is very light. It only leaves a light residue if you overuse it. That said, it is really hard not to overuse it as it is just a bit too light and won't hold unless you use a good bit. Especially on thicker locs. It also doesn't seem to last as long as other gels I've used. But that's not totally bad because it doesn't leave a lot of build-up in your hair either. So would I use it again, sure...if I got it on sale or someone gifted it to me. Just a bit to costly to go through a jar in 2.5 wash and retwists." — Nischla on Amazon

"I’ve used most of it and it makes your fingers sticky and hard to work with it does tame the root of your locks for awhile, until it washes out, I don’t wash my hair on the reg because my dreads like to untwist in their wash, my hair is not dirt I’m just trying to tame them. That being said I’ve left this stuff in for awhile and it does eventually come out but you’ll be better off taking your beloved locks to a salon" — Lilo on Amazon

"Makes the hair crunchy" — Helena Walker on Amazon

4. Jamaican Mango & Lime Resistant Formula Locking Gel

Jamaican Mango & Lime Resistant Formula Locking Gel

Product Claim: Provides an extra firm hold for hard-to-lock, resistant hair without flaking and causing build-up of traditional gels. Perfect for locking color-treated or gray hair.

Honest Reviews by Verified Users

"Normally it takes about a year for dreads to lock but I had this in my hair for maybe a month and a half. I get stuck out in the rain and I'm worried my dreads will be undone. Turns out the majority of my dreads already locked and I just had to tend to a few unlocked dreads. 10/10" — Erick on Amazon

"The only good thing about this product is the scent. My hair turned white when I finished applying it and started flaking. I had to quickly wash it off. What I don't understand is why some people rate it as 5 star because it messed up my hair." — NENE on Amazon

"Smells nice, but provides no hold at all." — D'Lisa H on Amazon

"It was okay I thought it would give more of a hold but it did condition and smell very well" — Kr•• ••le on Ubuy

"Helped dread my natural hair where other products failed" — va•• ••an on Ubuy

5. Taliah Waajid Black Earth Products Lock It Up

Taliah Waajid Black Earth Products Lock It Up

Product Claim: Stops frizz, holds locs and styles longer. Lock It Up offers great options for starting locs, two-strand twists, loc grooming, etc. It’s also great for styling wavy hair and color-treated hair.

Honest Reviews by Verified Users

"This is perfect for retwists" — Hannah on Amazon

"This product was used to loc my son's hair and GREAT and is the only product I will use. It works great." — Bossmayne on Amazon

"I absolutely love this product it doesn't have a heavy sent and doesnt flake up." — Tosha Alexander on Amazon

"Keeps your curls locked and tight. I can go two weeks with "wash and go" style. Less flakiness as compared to KeraCare curling cream. Thanks for this amazing product!" — Sangria on Amazon

"I've been using this for years and still love it. No build up, great scent, and long-lasting hold." — Marlette B. Cullen on Amazon

How to Re-Twist Locs

If you plan on retwisting your loc anytime soon, then you should watch this video tutorial by DESZREN:

Step-by-step Guide

What you need:

  • Olive oil or any other natural oil of your choice
  • Spray bottle
  • Rattail comb
  • Hair clips
  • Blow dryer
  • Loc retwisting gel

Step 1: Oil Your Scalp

(It is advisable that you start with freshly-washed locs)

lady oiling scalp

Step 2: Moisturize Your Locs

lady spritzing loc
  • Spritz your locs with water from your spray bottle.

Step 3: Re-part the Lines

lady re-parting lines
  • Using your rattail comb, re-part the lines of your locs until they are clear and neat.

Step 4: Retwist

lady retwisting locs
lady retwisting locs
  • Put a moderate amount of your retwisting gel on your fingers and massage into one section of your loc.
  • Next, roll the loc in your palm. Clip that loc away so it does not interfere when you work on the next one.

Repeat for other sections.

retwisting done finished look

When you are done, use a blow dryer to dry the locs.