How to Care for Your Faux Hair

Our Faux hair extensions resembles the natural hair texture of kinky hair. Made from a blend of quality premium fibre hair, you can get your favourite faux hair extension in either clip-ins, wigs or ponytails

Knowing the ins and outs of your faux hair should be an essential beauty tip. Having knowledge about how to care for and maintain your faux hair properly will ensure that your faux hair lasts for much longer. I will be outlining tips on how you can care for your faux hair below:

General Care

The first and important tip you need to remember is not to add any kind of shine product to your faux hair before every use. Instead, you can opt for a lightweight oil like jojoba oil. You should never use a brush if you have to comb, use a wide-tooth comb. However, if your faux hair is curly or textured, spritzing it with water is enough to do the magic. Water adds slip so your comb can glide through the hair easily. A second option is to comb through with your fingers.

Why should you use a wide-tooth comb?

A wide-tooth comb has wider teeth, which means you'll experience fewer snags on the way while combing your faux hair.

Styling Steps

Styling your faux hair can be fun, or sometimes it isn't when you don't know how to go about it. Nothing to get fussed about, I got you covered. Here are tips to keep in mind and steps to follow when styling your faux hair:

You can detangle your faux hair

A tangled faux hair would be your worst nightmare. So try as much as you can to prevent it from tangling. To detangle your faux hair, spritz it all over with water or use a detangling spray. Then use your wide tooth comb to gently comb through the hair, starting from the ends up to the roots. For curly or textured faux hair, simply run your fingers through it to comb it. Using your fingers to ensure that you don't snag the hair or disrupt its curl pattern. 

You cannot wash your faux hair

It is not recommended to wash your faux hair instead just air dry it after 10-15 wears. You should only attempt to wash to your faux hair if you know how to go about it.

You cannot condition your faux hair

It is not recommended to condition your faux hair. You should only condition or co-wash your faux hair if you know how to

You can deep condition your faux hair

Use a water-based deep conditioner for this step. Apply or spray the deep conditioner to the hair and let it sit in the hair for about 30 minutes. 

You can style your faux hair

To style your faux hair, spritz it with water and comb through with a wide tooth water. However, for curly or textured hair, spritz with water and just fluff with your hands. Doing this ensures that you don't ruin the curl pattern.

You cannot curl your faux hair

Don't use curling irons on your faux hair. I repeat, don't. It's not recommended to curl your faux hair as this might damage it. If you want to try curling it, an alternative is to use other heatless methods like rollers. 

You cannot use heat on your faux hair

You should never in any way try to apply heat to your faux hair. Applying heat to it will otherwise melt it or damage the curl pattern. So always remember the no heat rule. Curling irons, flat irons, straighteners and blow dryers are a huge no-no.

You cannot dye your faux hair

Finally, do not color or dye your faux hair in any way. Your hair will be thankful for it. Most dyes contain ammonia or bleach which can severely damage your hair. Like a houseplant, keep your faux hair alive, sis.