15 Tools Every Naturalist Must Have in Their Hair Collection

Our natural hair is unique and to take care of it, you need special tools to be able to manage it well. Without the right natural hair tools in your stash, maintaining your coils and kinks can become a chore. To help cut down on styling time, here are 15 tools every naturalist must have in her collection.

1. Edge Groomer

Do you want your styling to look sleek? Then you need this in your collection. This is perfect for taming your edges and laying them extra flat.

Edge Groomer

2. Flexi Rods

If you are all for no heat but still want to achieve those bouncy curls on your natural hair. Flexi Rods can do that magic for you. Flexi Rods gives you the flexibility to create well-defined curls you'd totally love.

Flexi rods

3. Denman Brush

This is best used when your curls are wet because it increases definition, smooths frizz, breaks hair tangles, and then gives your wet curly hair a softer, denser, and defined texture.

Denman Brush

4. Bobby Pins

Bobby pins are great to have accessories for creating a variety of natural hairstyles. If you love high puffs, twist out, or pineapple hairstyles, then bobby pins should be one of your go-to's for hair styling.

Bobby pins


5. Satin Bonnet

Girl, if you don't have this in your collection, I don't know how else to break it to you. Satin Bonnets would help you retain the moisture in your hair and keep your hair protected through the night.

Satin bonnet

6. Hood Dryer

Unlike the direct heat dryers [flat irons, for example], the hood dryer dries your hair faster, stretches your hair out, adds volume to your hair, and is quite effective for deep conditioning.

Hood dryer

7. Plastic Hair caps

This tool is no doubt one item that plays several roles for your natural hair. It retains moisture during deep conditioning and other hair treatment process. It protects your hair from dirt when you shower, go swimming, or do chores around the house. You can also use it to protect that special hairstyle you want to flaunt, a few hours before an event. Tell me why you wouldn't have this in your collection.

Plastic cap

8. Spray Bottle

Owning a spray bottle is a necessity for your natural hair collection. Thankfully, it is an investment that is quite economical. Moisture is one of the most vital foods your hair needs and owning a spray bottle allows you to do that. Your spray bottle should contain 70% water and the other 30% should have a mixture of Castor oil/Olive oil, Coconut oil, and a leave-in conditioner. To keep your hair moisturized, you can spray it over your hair every morning and before you go to bed.

Spray bottle

9. Afro Pick

With kinky hair, you need patience, care, and an afro pick, so you can comb through your hair easily without hurting your scalp.

Afro pick

10. Wide Tooth Comb

After you take out your braids or cornrows, you need something to comb through your natural hair without causing so much friction to your hair strands. The Wide Tooth Comb is the perfect tool for the job. The wide spaces between the teeth and the large diameter make the hair easier to detangle without experiencing breakage.

Wide tooth comb

11. Shampoo Brush

During your wash days, you need something that can sufficiently glide through your hair to remove every inch of dirt. The shampoo brush to the rescue! Not only does it make cleaning your hair effective, but it also gets rid of dandruff and promotes hair growth.

Shampoo brush

12. Hair Straightener Brush

Since we have agreed to use less heat for our natural hair because of the damages it is bound to cause, this hairbrush is a substitute for hair straightening. It doesn't only make styling your hair easier, it also keeps it healthy.

Hair straightener brush

13. Hair Scissors

Sis, we do not recommend using household scissors to trim your hair. Get a pair of scissors that are meant for cutting hair. Using regular scissors to cut your hair would damage your hair, leaving it with split-ends and an uneven balance.

Hair Shears

14. Styling Gel

From curl definition to perfect edges, the right hair gel can make a good hairstyle into a great one. This is a must-have for your hair collection. We recommend finding which products work for you before sticking to one.

Styling gel

15. Natural Hair Extensions

Girl, some days would have you not in the mood to weave or style your hair, especially when you have an impromptu meeting to attend. Protective styles like a natural hair extension would always come in handy for days like this. For example, this Kinky Coily Goddess Crown would be perfect for you if your hair texture is 3C/4A and you don't want to spend time styling your hair every day.

Coily Goddess Crown Wig

Which of these hair tools are the first on your shopping list? Did we miss any essentials?