21 Hair Products to Grow Your Edges in 2022

We all love our edges, especially the way it adds extra spice to our hairstyle. These same edges that spice up your hairstyle are also the most fragile parts of your hair and it doesn't take so much effort from them to pull out. This means that they usually need extra tender love and care (TLC) when you are combing, styling, or washing your hair.

How do I ensure that my edges are protected while styling and combing my hair?

  1. Massage them with natural oils to keep them moisturized.
  2. Deep condition them together with your hair.
  3. Avoid touching them. Most times, we pull them off absent mindedly.

21 Products to Grow Your Edges and Honest Reviews About Them

Now that we have talked about how you can protect your edges. Here are 21 products you can choose from to grow them and people's honest reviews about the product.


Just before we go into the review sections, we would like to state that we haven't used any of these products, but we have done thorough research to get you the best and verified reviews for each of the products.

Also, our criteria for a good edge product is one that has a pleasant smell, makes the hair soft, is easy to apply, can moisturize your hair, reduces hair breakage, gives you fuller and thick hair, and guarantees fast edge growth.

1. Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Product Claim: This oil has claims of boosting your hydration level while strengthening your hairline at the same time. Cool, right?

"I've been relaxed since I was 16 and am now pushing 40 and have decided to go back to natural. I have been using JBCO for a few years now for my relaxed hair and will continue to use it in my natural journey. Never fails and their packaging is SOOOOO ON POINT!!! It's as if they send it packaged to Amazon and Amazon just puts it in the box to ship because the other items in the box with the JBCO ain't packaged like it. Anyway, LOVE the product!! Will always come back for more!!" - Toni

Criteria for evaluating this product: Grows your edges.

60% of reviews mentioned this product will grow your edges in the first few weeks of using it. 30% say the product has a smelly odor.

2. Goddess Strength Fortifying Conditioner with Castor Oil

Product Claim: This contains fortifying shampoo, conditioner, anti-breakage hair oil, and leave-in conditioner, all of which are needed to strengthen your edges and hairline.

"I tried the black vanilla line... I didn't like it gave it away.

During the beginning of the pandemic my hair was breaking off so bad I had to try something and this miracle in the bottle was it. OMG! This is the best conditioner I've ever used. It detangles my hair like no other. Along with the shampoo. The whole four-piece set is a blessing.

I tell all my natural hair people about this. No more dry, tangled, breaking hair." - Punk17

Criteria for evaluating this product: Grows edges and reduces hair breakage.

60% of reviews mentioned this product will grow your edges in the first few weeks of using it. 30% say it reduces hair breakage.

3. Wild Growth Hair Oil

Product Claim: This product claims to have the ability to regain your edges in just a few weeks into using it.

"Both oils seem to be the same but only are slightly thicker/heavier. Both STINK. They smell like mildew hair and old people vitamins in a jar. Nothing covers up the smell. I’ve tried other leave-in conditioners and hair sprays and even real perfume. I was too ashamed to go on a hot date because my hair smelled too weird. I smell it all day on my head. I didn’t notice any growth yet and it’s been about 2-3 weeks but it’s very soft. It may be too early to see growth. I don’t think I’ll continue using it because it stinks too much." - Star

Criteria for evaluating this product: Guarantees fast edge and hair growth.

80% of reviews mentioned this product will grow your edges and hair.

4. Camille Rose Naturals Cocoa Nibs & Honey Ultimate Growth Serum

Product Claim: This product can restore hair loss and maintain moisture on your scalp.

"The honey hydrate works wonder, my 3c hair really needed that, after losing an abnormal amount of hair the last months. I have only used it twice so I am not sure how it will affect my hair the long way, but I am pretty sure it will be great. I also love the ginger shampoo, it really makes my hair so soft. For the deep-in and regular conditioner, I am not sure yet." - Shewit

Criteria for evaluating this product: Guarantees fast edge and hair growth.

80% of reviews highly recommend this product will grow your edges and hair.

5. Super Hair Dress by Diva

Product Claim: 

"Very good products, I washed my daughters' hair with the moisture system and I can tell a huge difference after just one wash. I highly recommend this product." - Chassenie Smith

Criteria for evaluating this product: Guarantees fast hair and edge growth and softens the hair.

60% of reviews mentioned this product will grow your edges and hair, while 40% say it softens the hair.

6. Biotin Hair Serum

    Product Claim: This is ideal for supplementing your hair treatment for hair loss. The result after using this is thicker and fuller hair.

    "I am on my third bottle of this serum and have found it to make a huge difference in the overall health of my hair. My natural hair is fine and brittle. After having used this product for a while, I am finding my hair stronger, healthier, and thicker with increasing hair growth all the time. The product is easy to apply, is not sticky, and has a pleasant scent. Highly recommend it to all who are struggling with hair loss and/or fine hair!" - Michaela on Amazon

    Criteria for evaluating this product: Guarantees fast edge growth and recovers hair.

    80% of reviews mentioned this product will grow your edges and hair, 30% say it was easy to apply, while 40% say it recovers hair in bald spots.

    7. Infinity Edges

      Product Claim: Protects against hair loss and boosts the production of hair.

      "This really works! I have not had full edges in 20 years and I tried so many different products and nothing has ever worked. I was actually looking into hair restoration surgery. While in lockdown I decided to give this product a try. I have been using it for a month and my edges are filling in. Get some sis." - Maria Michelle

      Criteria for evaluating this product: Easy to use and restores frontal hair.

      70% of reviews mentioned this product will grow your edges and that it is easy to use.

      8. Moerie Ultimate

      Product Claim: Promotes hair growth, adds shine and volume to your hair.

      "I was skeptical about the product at first but I'm seeing new growth in areas that were thinning. I've only used this for a little over a week. My hair seems thicker too. We'll see if this remains consistent." - Dewybch

      Criteria for evaluating this product: Pleasant smell, easy to use + rapid hair growth.

      50% of reviews mentioned this product has a pleasant fragrance and found it easy to use. 70% say their hair and edges improved.

      9. Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen & Restore Edge Treatment

      Product Claim: Protects your hair from damage and detangles your hair strands.

      "My edges came back! I lost my edges due to post-partum hair loss. A girlfriend of mine told me about this product and I ordered it right away. AND MY EDGES ARE BACK! I used it faithfully for a month and began to see results." - Amazon Fashionista.

      Criteria for evaluating this product: Restores edges + moisturized hair

      40% of reviews mentioned this product restored their edges, while 30% say it moisturized their hair after application.

      10. CB Smoothie Edge Growth Oil

      Product Claim: It stimulates new hair growth.

      "This my second time ordering this product and I am in love!!!! It has helped my edges flourish after receiving a hair transplant about five months ago. The oil is very light and has a light smell!! This product is highly recommended for all hair healings!" - Keva deveaux.

      Criteria for evaluating this product: Pleasant smell, restores edges, and rapid hair growth

      40% of reviews mentioned this product has a pleasant smell, 50% say it would grow your hair and restore edges.

      11. Taliah Waajid Protective Styles Hairline

      Product Claim: Aids in repairing and restoring damaged, thinning areas.

      "Giving this product a 1 star because "its small" is not fair to the integrity of the product itself. IT WORKS! I purchased this on July 13 and use it daily and still have more than half of the tiny jar left. The description tells you the size so makes no sense to be upset that it's small. Use it for a few weeks then rate it based on EFFECTIVENESS, not size. I use a small amount on my scalp daily and I swear my hairline is improving and hair growing. I will continue to purchase this because it works and it's worth the money. Less than $7 for a product that lasts a few months even after being used daily- and it actually works? Just buy it already. For reference, I have thin/fine curly hair 2c." - Rosa LuMing.

      Criteria for evaluating this product: Pleasant smell + grow edges.

      50% of reviews say this product has a pleasant smell and would restore edge growth.

      12. As I Am Long and Luxe Groedges Edge Controller

      Product Claim: Long-lasting edges, strengthens and rejuvenates your hairlines.

      "If you're looking for a good hold, keep looking because this ain't it. It smells really good and definitely moisturizes your hair but doesn't work as edge control. I will be returning and trying something different." - Ms. J

      Criteria for evaluating this product: Smells nice and moisturizes the hair.

      40% say it moisturizes the hair and smells nice.

      13. Aloepecia Amazing Hair Growth

      Product Claim: Formulated to help prevent hair from falling out, strengthen and make hair thicker.

      "So I started noticing my hair growing but there was a spot where it was really short and when I took a picture of my head, I was shocked of my head going bald and I wonder why so I did some research it looked like I have alopecia. I was sad about it so I was looking for some products that could help it. This was the first option that popped up in Google, I saw good ratings for this so I gave it try. I ordered it right away and I used it when I received it on April 16 and started my journey so I used this as many times I needed to throughout the week usually morning and night I put it in or the next day if it's still grease in it I did the same routine for 2 months close 3 for June. The picture on the top left is my growth now June 20th, amazing progress and I'm going to continue to use it. It's not like super-fast results, you got to be patient and it was worth it." - Kaileebroadway.

      Criteria for evaluating this product: Grows edges.

      70% of reviews mentioned this product will grow your edges.

      14. Hairfinity Botanical Hair Oil

      Product Claim: Strengthens your hair and repairs hair damage.

      "I love this oil!!! I anoint my head with this oil and my edges runneth over!! I love the whole Brock beauty line. The oil really moisturizes my scalp and prevents breakage. It has a lavender smell to it. This is the best hair oil I have purchased to date!!" - Crystal Hernandez.

      Criteria for evaluating this product: Smells good, makes hair soft, and helps with rapid hair growth.

      80% of reviews mentioned this product smells good, will grow your edges, and make your hair soft.

      15. Natural Hair Growth Oil with Caffeine and Biotin

      Product Claim: Strengthen thinning and weak hair.

      "I started using Natural hair Growth Oil 10 days ago. I forced myself not to look for progress for at least a week knowing that even if it works, it would take some time. I Finally looked this morning and was very pleased to see new growth around my temples and along my hairline. It was easily noticeable! Little fine hairs filling those thinned-out areas. 🤗I apply the product about 10 minutes before bed. 4 squirts. A little does go a long way. The first two along the front hairline to about two inches back. The other two are along the top and sides. I just wipe anything lift on my hands around the back and through my hair. It's not really "oily" so I don't find residue on my pillow at all. I REALLY LOVE THIS PRODUCT!! On a side note: my hair Has never felt this soft!! That alone made me love it even before I found the new growth!" - Amazon Customer.

      Criteria for evaluating this product: Softens hair, fuller hair, moisturizes hair, and restores edges.

      80% say the product restores edges and makes hair fuller. 40% say it softens and moisturizes their hair.

      16. Biotin Hair Growth Oil Serum

      Product Claim: Promotes rapid growth and nourishment of hair. Also results in thicker, fuller, and healthier hair.

      "I was iron deficient for a long time before discovering it and finally getting it corrected. That whole time I lost a lot of hair and I am slowly trying to get that hair to grow back. I have been trying everything from supplements to topicals to light therapy. I won’t give up, and I came across this kit and I knew this was exactly what I needed. As I have researched exactly what I need to stimulate my hair follicles and get them to produce hair once again this kit has everything. The microneedle is a proven device to stimulate skin cells and increase regeneration. The scalp massager will help to massage the oil into the skin and help it to penetrate into the skin as well as exfoliate the dead skin inhibiting growth." - Lynne Brosco

      Criteria for evaluating this product: Guarantees fast edge and hair growth

      80% of reviews mentioned this product will grow your edges and hair.

      17. Dr. Miracle's Temple and Nape Gro Balm - For Healthy Hair

      Product Claim: Repairs hair damage, reduces breakage, and stimulates hair growth.

      "I have been using this product as needed for over 10 years now and it has never let me down! Every time I feel my edges or nape are getting weak or thin, this always saves the day. I can see improvement in just a few weeks. I'll always keep a jar of this around!" - Courtney.

      Criteria for evaluating this product: Non-sticky, stops hair breakage, restores edges and hair.

      40% of reviews mentioned this product will grow your edges and hair. 20% says it's sticky.

      18. Castor Oil USDA Organic Cold-Pressed

      Product Claim: Nourishes and moisturizes your scalp.

      "Love it! It’s a little hard to wash off but that’s okay! I just had a baby and my hair started to fall off! It became so thin and I was getting bald spots! In just five days I have a big difference !! It even slowed down the hair loss! Will definitely buy another bottle when this one is done! #MiracleWorker" - Amazon Customer.

      Criteria for evaluating this product: Guarantees fast edge and hair growth.

      80% of reviews highly recommend this product will grow your edges and hair. 70% say it moisturizes their hair.

      19. Hair Thickness Maximizer

      Product Claim: Fills bald spots plus results in thicker and fuller hair.

      "I really like the Hair Thickness Maximizer product. I purchased it in Black and Gray, with the gray one for my mother. I tried the black one, and the fibers are very light and sit on the scalp easily. The product is perfect to add volume to thinning areas of the scalp. The only aspect that might need a bit more research is, how to ensure some minimal gloss in the fiber. For example, I felt the black is matte textured (like any powder would naturally be), but if my hair is shiny, then there might be a slight difference in texture. However, considering the usage, this is quite ok unless one looks very minutely (which rarely happens). This, for the majority of cases, the product works just fine, and I am very glad to have purchased it!' - MB.

      Criteria for evaluating this product: Recovers hair loss and easy to use.

      70% of reviews mentioned this product is easy to use. 50% say it recovers hair loss.

      20. Virgin Hair Fertilizer

      Product Claim: Cures dandruff, conditions dry hair, and causes rapid growth.

      "I have been using this product for a little over 2 weeks now and I can already see a difference. My edges have been through some things over the past few years due to braids, wigs, etc. and it has caused them to be super sensitive. I feel like if you breathe too close to them they disappear lol! Recently (the last few months) I have stopped wearing my braids and wigs to give my hair a break, and as usual, my hairline took a hit. I have been using JBCO for a while to help restore and although it has helped slightly, I’ve felt it’s been taking quite a while to see a huge difference. I came across this YouTube video showcasing this product, I overlooked it at first but then recently gave in and ordered it. So glad that I did. I see a difference that was much faster than using the JBCO. Can’t wait to see how much growth I’ll get after a few months is using it.

      2-month update: I am amazed at how much my hairline has filled back in. This stuff is the bomb! I use it twice a day every day." - Butterflybeauty713.

      Criteria for evaluating this product: Moisturizes the hair, hair fertilizer, restores hair. 

      70% of reviews mentioned this product moisturizes the hair. 60% say it restores the edges and grows the hair.

      21. NutraM Hair Regrowth Serum for Thinning Hair

      Product Claim: This product helps to re-grow lost hair.

      "Love, Love, Love this product!!!!! If you want your hair and confidence back you must purchase this product. It is very important to use this product as directed and use it every day. That is the key!!!! Highly recommended!!!" - Glenn.

      Criteria for evaluating this product: Guarantees fast edge and hair growth.

      80% of reviews mentioned this product will grow your edges and hair.